• Intern Year

    3 months on the Wards

    2 months in the NICU

    1 month in the PICU

    1 month of Hem/Onc

    1 month of ER

    1 month of Development & Behavior

    1 month of Newborn Nursery

    1 month of Advocacy

    1 elective

    * Call based on night float system with one week of nights and one weekend call during Wards, NICU, PICU months

  • Second Year

    2 months as Ward Senior

    1 month as NICU Senior

    1 month as Hem/Onc senior

    2 months ER

    1 month of Adolescent

    2 months Elective

    3 months individualized selective

    * Call based on night float system with one week of nights and one weekend call during Wards and NICU; Q4 call on Heme Onc

  • Third Year

    1 month PICU team leader

    1 month Wards senior or Night Float senior

    2 months ER

    1 month Urgent Care

    4 months Elective (2 w/PICU Xcover)

    3 month individualized selective  (1 month is teaching month)

    *Call based on night float system with one week of nights and one weekend call on Wards and PICU months.


A team model is used for patient care, continuity and teaching. Recently the practice’s approximate 10,000 patients were distributed among ten smaller micropractices. Each resident is assigned to a micropractice group that has 1-2 faculty leaders and a nurse. Residents in each micropractice team generally have their clinic on the same day of the week with their faculty preceptors. This model allows for greater continuity and the ability to track outcomes for a smaller panel of patients. Residents provide a full range of pediatric services including well child visits, follow up visits for chronic medical conditions, medical clearance, sick visits, sports physicals and care coordination. Residents are expected to take ownership of their patients, follow up on labs and consults, and have a unique opportunity and responsibility to be the pediatrician for a family.

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Chief Residents 2018-2019

Jessica Daley, MD

Marie L. Carillo, MD

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Patricia Poitevien, MD

Associate Program Directors

Jeffrey Riese, MD

Robin Kremsdorf, MD

Diversity Officer

Sabina Holland, MD

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