Hasbro Pediatric Alumni Association

We are excited to present the Hasbro Pediatric Alumni Association! The purpose of our new group is to allow graduates of the Brown University/Hasbro pediatric residency and fellowship programs stay in touch with their programs as well as with each other. As we grow, we hope to provide you quarterly news updates about what is going on at Hasbro, opportunities to connect with current residents and fellows and ways that you can contribute to improve wellness of current trainees. Each year, the current pediatric chief residents will be the point of contact of the association. We look forward to hearing from all of you and staying connected!

Hasbro Pediatric Residency Alumni

Since 1953, Rhode Island Hospital has been training residents to be advocates and leaders in the field of pediatrics. Now the second largest residency specialty affiliated with Brown University, the program has individuals interested in many different subspecialties and alumni can be found all around the country. Here is a list of our most recent alumni who have graduated from the Brown University/Hasbro Children’s Hospital Pediatric Residency Program.










Categorical Residents

Amy Akins

Jessica Baker

Maureen Bowman

Shayna Burke

Amanda Dumas

Nousheen Humayun

Courtney Lane

Kristin Laraja

Stewart Mackie

Gary Mason

Lauren Meisel

Frances Orlando

Jessica Rome

Corinna Schultz

Craig Woda

Vanessa Wolfman

Primary Care East Greenwich, RI

Neonatology University of Chicago

Primary Care Washingtonville, NY

Allergy/Immunology University of Pittsburgh

General Pediatric Fellowship University of Pittsburgh

Neonatology UCLA

Primary Care Wakefield, RI

Pedi Cardiology Boston Children's Hospital

Pedi Cardiology University of Michigan

Pedi Hem/Onc Memorial Sloan-Kettering

Chief Resident/Primary Care Marquette, MI

Primary Care Massachusetts

Primary Care Fall River, MA

Chief Resident/Pedi Hem/Onc CHOP

Pedi Nephrology Boston Children's Hospital

Global Pediatrics Boston Children's Hospital

Med-Peds Residents

Jacqueline Firth

Charlene Flash

Susanna Winston

Adult Hospitalist Providence, RI

Adult Infectious Disease Beth Israel, Boston, MA

Pedi Infectious Disease Brown University

Triple Board Residents

Marsha Chenoweth

Julianne Giust


Chia Granda

Private Practice, Washington

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Medical Director of the Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University

Clinical Director, Hawaii Department of Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division

Categorical Residents

Bradley DeNardo

Sailaja Ghanta

Michael Herzlinger

Christine Heske

Katja Kovacic

Thirza Lareau

Thomas Murphy

Melissa Nelson

Kelly Otte

Monika Page

Todd Sanderson

Thomas Scott

Matthew Thornton

Eric Tjonahen

Frances Turcotte Benedict

Anusha Viswanathan

Pedi Hem/Onc Brown University

Neonatology Boston Children's Hospital

Pedi GI Brown University

Pedi Hem/Onc Johns Hopkins University

Pedi GI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Primary Care Swansea, MA

Chief Resident/Neonatology Brown University

Neonatology Yale University

Pedi Hospitalist New York City, NY

Chief Resident/Primary Care Foxborough, MA

Primary Care Greensburg, PA

Primary Care East Greenwich, RI

Emergency Medicine Yale University

Primary Care Franklin, MA

Emergency Medicine Brown University

Primary Care New York

Med-Peds Residents

Justin Eldridge

Sylvia LaCourse

Raina Phillips

Natasha Rybak

Med/Peds Primary Care Wilmington, DE

Adult Infectious Disease University of Washington

Epidemic Intelligence Service Centers for Disease Control

Combined Adult/Pedi Infectious Disease Brown University

Med-Peds Residents

Pamela Mosher

Matthew Willis

Elizabeth Kowal

Pediatric Palliative Care, Izaak Walton Killam Children’s Hospital, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hasbro Partial Hospital Program, Brown University

Child Psychiatrist, Indiana University

Categorical Residents

Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn

Alicia Della Volpe

Marissa Fast

Natasha Frederick

Paula Freedman

Laurie Hoffman

Ursula Laskowski-Kos

Jamie Librizzi

James Martin

Farid Moustofi

Chinwe Okoro

Alison Riese

Jeffrey Riese

Jared Rubenstein

Kathryn Scott

Sarah Whittle

Kathleen Wicks Zoltowski

Chief Resident/Primary Care Research Fellowship University of Washington

Pedi Pulm Jackson Memorial Hospital

Primary Care Peabody, MA

Pedi Hem/Onc Boston Children's Hospital

Hospitalist Boston Children's Hospital

Neonatology Brown University

Emergency Medicine Beth Israel, Newark, NJ

Hospitalist Fellowship Children's National Medical Center

Primary Care Washington, DC

Primary CAre New Jersey

Pediatric Critical Care Cornell University

Injury Prevention Research Fellowship Brown University

Chief Resident/Hospitalist Brown University

Hospitalist Fellowship Texas Children's Hospital

Pedi Hem/Onc Brown University

Pedi Hem/Onc Texas Children's Hospital

Emergency Medicine Yale University

Med-Peds Residents

Sarah Bagley

Alex de Villalvilla

Pooja rao

Nat Songdej

Addiction Medicine Fellowship Boston University/Boston Medical Center

Med/Peds Primary Care Albert Einstein Medical School/Montefiore

Pedi Hem/Onc CHOP

Adult Hem/Onc Temple University

Triple Board Residents

Cathy Adams

John Caskey

Marta Majczak

Hasbro Partial Hospital Program, Brown University

Private Practice, Oregon

Children’s Partial Program Attending at Bradley Hospital, Brown University

Categorical Residents

Allison Behrle

Diana Bradford

Alexis Burakoff

Meaghan Doherty

Carrie Gregory

Caitlin Hurley

Mellory Kaserman

Jaclyn Kline

Michelle McCloskey

Stephanie Roberts

Clara Sanders

Joanna Schatz

Clota Snow

Juan Vazquez

Lauren Ward

Jeremy Yardley

Pedi GI Children's National Medical Center

Pedi Hem/Onc Children's National Medical Center

Emergency Medicine Columbia University

Pedi Cardiology University of Pittsburgh

Primary Care Barrington, RI

Pedi Hem/Onc St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Hospitalist Newton, MA

Chief Resident/Emergency Medicine Children's National Medical Center

Primary Care Kingstown, RI

Pedi Endocrinology Boston Children's Hospital

Anesthesiology Residency Beth Israel, Boston, MA

Primary Care Providence, RI

Hospitalist Maine Medical Center

Pedi Hem/Onc Yale University

Primary Care Providence, RI

Hospitalist Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Med-Peds Residents

Melinda Biernacki

Rachel Epstein

Anne Frank

Stephanie Tecun

Adult Hem/Onc University of Washington

Combined Adult/Pediatric Infectious Disease Boston University/Boston Medical Center

Med/Peds Primary Care University of Colorado

Chief Resident/Med-Peds Primary Care Warwick, RI

Triple Board Residents

Chase Samsel


Michelle Palumbo

Pediatric Consult-Liaison Psychiatrist and Psychosocial Oncologist, Dana Farber/Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University

Lurie Center for Autism, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

Categorical Residents

Tanya Baca

Timothy Blegen

Jennifer Brondon

Jana Cable

Carly Guss

Lauren Hale

Allison Heinly

Tiffany Jumaily

Amanda Mallonee

Jennifer Mileikowsky

Kristina Nazareth

Ambrish Patel

Erealda Prendaj

Jessica Sayre Meyer

Sienna Vorono

David Young

Emergency Medicine University of Utah

Primary Care Chicago, IL

Chief Resident/Pedi Hem/Onc UNC-Chapel Hill

Primary Care Northampton, MA

Adolescent Medicine Boston Children's Hospital

Primary Care Dartmouth, MA

Chief Resident/Primary Care Cumberland, RI

Primary Care Peabody, MA

Neonatology Brown University

Primary Care Barrington, RI

Hospitalist Tufts University

Hospitalist CHOP

Pedi GI Children's Hospital at Montefiore

Hospitalist Tufts University

Primary Care Lincoln, RI

Pedi Hem/Onc Johns Hopkins University

Med-Peds Residents

Margret Chang

Ben Felix

Christina Leone

Katie Palumbo

Med/Peds Primary Care Worcester, MA

Med/Peds Primary Care Brown University

Adult Hospitalist Providence, RI

Pediatric Critical Care Columbia University

Triple Board Residents

Lisa Hutchinson

Daniel Spencer

Pediatric Consult-Liaison Psychiatrist, Duke University

Hasbro Inpatient Medical/Psychiatric Services, Brown University

Categorical Residents

Veronica Bernardo

Meghan Beucher

Jamie Fierce

Colleen Gerrity

Juanita Hodax

Alexander Hogan

Edward Hurley

Jessie Kerr

Renee Kleris

Jessica Kremen

Alison LaBadie

Allison Lemkin

Rebecca MacDonell-Yilmaz

Timothy Menz

Timothy Porter

Meghan Small

Primary Care, Fall River, MA

Emergency Medicine Yale University

Neonatology Brown University

Primary Care, Bronx, NY

Pedi Endocrinology Brown University

Pedi Hospitalist Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center

Neonatology Brown University

General Pediatrics, Indian Health Service; Navajo Reservation, New Mexico

Allergy/Immunology Duke University

Pedi Endocrinology Boston Children’s Hospital

Neonatology St. Christopher’s Hospital

Preventive Medicine (Fellowship) Boston Medical Center

Chief Resident, Hospice and Palliative Care /Pediatric Hem/Onc, Brown University

Pedi GI Brown University

Hospitalist Tufts University

Chief Resident, Pediatric Cardiology at Children's National, Washington, DC

Med-Peds Residents

Nicole Gergen

Eyal Maidan

Josh Orabone

David Washington

Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Research Fellowship – University of Michigan

Med/Peds Primary Care UCLA

Internal Medicine Hospitalist UMass Memorial Clinton Hospital

T32 Academic Fellowship in General Med/Peds; Health Disparities Boston University

Triple Board Residents

Beth Brannan

Vedika Nehra

Anastasia Wermert

Pediatric OCD Intensive Program at Bradley Hospital

Global Mental Health with Focus on Rural Mental Health and Systems of Care in Rural India

Inpatient Psychiatrist at the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Unit at Bradley Hospital

Categorical Residents

Michelle Beller

Elizabeth (Ellie) Butler

Allison Caldwell

Jacquelyn Chambers

Kelly Corbett

Ravi D’Cruz

Jessica Detrisac

Jessica Farrar

Kahleb Graham

Christopher Klunk

Nadav Lelkes

Elizabeth Paci

Leela Sarathy

Holly Schroeder

Vanessa Toomey

Gabriela Vargas

Primary Care, Barrington, Rhode Island

Primary Care, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Pedi Hospice and Palliative Care University of Tennessee, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Hospitalist, Lawrence, MA

Pediatric Critical Care, University of Utah

Neonatology Brown University

Primary Care, Gainesville, VA

Primary Care, Swansea, MA

Pediatric Gastroenterology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Neonatology Yale-New Haven Hospital

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Oregon Health & Sciences University

Primary Care - Fair Haven Community Health Center/Yale-New Haven Hospital

Pediatric Hospitalist Fellowship, Tufts University

Adolescent Medicine Fellowship, Seattle Children's Hospital

Co Pediatric Chief Resident; Pediatric Critical Care, Boston Children's Hospital

Adolescent Medicine Fellowship, Boston Children’s Hospital


Med-Peds Residents

Nkiruka Emeagwali

Matt Germak

Ryan Hirschfeld

Brian Lee

Adult Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Yale University

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Fellowship, Harvard University

Pediatric Critical Care, Johns Hopkins University

Co Pediatric Chief Resident

Triple Board Residents

Jennifer Downs

Stephanie Lichtor

Paul Stevens

Clinical Faculty Outpatient/Consult Liaison in Child Psychiatry at Indiana University

Child Psychiatry Faculty at the University of Chicago

Neurobehavioral H.O.M.E Program, Dept of Child Psychiatry at University of Utah

Categorical Residents

Caitlin Barbarita

Nizar Dowla

Greg Goldstein

Meredith Halsey

Jackie Hsieh

Melanie Jacobson

Alison Little

Jason Mandell


Hiral Mehta

Laura Mercurio

Jessica Ogawa

Andrea Patrico

Bertha Pham

Joshua Resa


Ayesha Saya

Persis Thomas

Primary Care, Monadock Regional, New Hampshire

Pediatric Chief Resident 2017-2018

Neonatology Fellowship at Stanford University

Primary Care, Pediatric Medical Care, Massachusetts

General Academic Pediatric Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital

Neonatology Fellowship at New York University

Neonatal Hospitalist at Baystate Medical Center, Massachusetts

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship at George Washington University (Children’s National Hospital)

Academic Hospitalist at Mott children’s Hospital, Michigan

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Brown University

Genetics Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University

Primary Care Dedham Pediatrics, Massachusetts

Primary Care Mary’s Center, Washington DC

Hospitalist/ED/Special Care Nursery at St Luke’s Hospital, Massachusetts; Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Cornell/MSKCC

NICU Hospitalist CHLA; Neonatology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Universisty

Primary Care, Litchfield Hill Pediatrics, Connecticut

Med-Peds Residents

Su Aung

Eric Chow

Carrie Davidson

Michelle Maciag

Tiffany Yeh

Adult Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Brown University

Pediatric Chief Resident 2017-2018; Epidemic Intelligence Service Fellowship at the CDC

Adult Cardiology Fellowship at Brown University

Allergy & Immunology Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital

Adult Endocrinology Fellowship at Cornell University/MSKCC

Triple Board Residents

Christina Pastorello

Jason Rafferty

Attending Child Psychiatrist at the Adolescent Inpatient Unit (AIU) at Bradley Hospital

Gender and Sexuality Clinic Attending at Hasbro’s Adolescent Health Center; Child Psychiatry at Bradley Hospital Intensive Outpatient Program for Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Categorical Residents

Mackenzie Bartlett

John Butler

Marie Carillo

Jessica Daley

Patrick DeMartino

Bill Foo

Meghan Gibson

Danielle Kolitz

Claire Lewkowicz

Angela Martinez

Jessica McIntyre

Margaret Preissler

Peter Roman

Joseph Schmidhofer

Kristen Smolinsky

Kristen Woodward

Pediatric Hospitalist Attending at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH

Primary Care at Barrington Pediatrics

Pediatric Chief Resident

Pediatric Chief Resident

Pediatric Hem/Onc Fellowship at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital of the Oregon Health and Science University

Pediatric Hospitalist at Mercy Medical Center in Redding, California

Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship at Brown

Neonatology Fellowship at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, RI

Primary care at  Greensboro Pediatricians in Greensboro North Carolina.

Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Fellowship at Yale University

Pediatric Hospitalist at The Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH

Primary Care at Franklin Pediatrics in Franklin, MA

Primary Care at Sturdy Pediatrics Associates in Attleboro, MA

Neonatology Fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Pediatric Hospitalist at The Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH

Primary Care at Edgewood Pediatrics in Bermuda

Med-Peds Residents

Lynae Conyers

John Molina

Alexander Raines

Christopher Terry

General Internal Medicine Fellow at Johns Hopkins

Pediatric Hem/Onc Fellowship at Johns Hopkins

Internal Medicine and Pediatric Hospitalist at Cone Health in Greensboro, NC

Internal Medicine Chief Resident

Triple Board Residents

Jaime Gainor DiPietro

Jonathan Kole

Alison Stein Manning

Child Psychiatrist at the Hasbro Partial Hospital Program

Primary Care Psychiatrist at Providence Community Health Center

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consult Attending at Duke University in NC

Chief Residents

Eric Chow

Nizar Dowla

Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer in the influenza division of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease at the CDC in Atlanta, GA

Primary Care at Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade in Miami, FL


The Brown Pediatric Alumni Newsletter

Each year, we will send out a newsletter to the Hasbro Pediatric Alumni Association to provide updates on what exciting things are happening here in Providence. If you are interested in receiving this communication by email, please email the current pediatric chief residents and we will add you to the list! We would also love to hear about what class you graduated with, where your career has taken you, and where you are now. Those who would like to provide updates can have this featured in the newsletter!


We appreciate all donations to support our pediatric residency program. Please click on the link below to give a donation.


Pediatric Chief Residents


Eric Chow, MD, MS, MPH

Nizar Dowla, MD



Brian Lee, MD

Vanessa Toomey, MD, MBA



Rebecca MacDonell-Yilmaz, MD

Meghan Small, MD



Jennifer Brondon, MD

Allison, Heinly, MD



Jaclyn Kline, MD

Stephanie Tecun, MD



Elizabeth Dawson-Hahn, MD

Jeffrey Riese, MD



Thomas Murphy, MD

Monika Page, MD



Lauren Meisel, MD

Corinna Schultz, MD



George Hardy, MD

Lauren Hartman



Kristin Lombardi, MD

Nazreen Jamal, MD



Kristin Burns, MD

Jeremy Kern, MD



Laura Olivieri, MD

Michael Spaeder, MD



Michael Kelly, MD

Karen Sullivan, MD



Michael Day, MD

Mackenzie Frost, MD



Christine Rouse, MD

Eric Su, MD



Camille Brown, MD

Susan Cashion, MD



Shelley Miyamoto, MD

Kathleen Walsh, MD



Linda Brown, MD

Howard Silversmith, MD



Peter Kriz, MD

Michelle Lefebvre, MD



Loretta Chou, MD

Steven Mendes, MD



Lisa Haines, MD

Edward McGookin, MD



Sandra Musial, MD

Colleen Powers, MD



Edward Lenard, MD

Deborah Zinck, MD



Kevin McGibney, MD

Roxanne Simmons, MD



Lauren Geddes, MD

William Wirth, MD



Daphne Capon, MD

Evan Karp, MD



Richard Recchio, MD



Monica Kleinman, MD



William Turtle, MD



J. Leigh Jackson, MD



Robert Griffith, MD



Andrew Triebwasser, MD



Douglas Masucci, MD



Jane Dennison, MD



Anthony Alario, MD



Richard Browning, MD


Every year since 1981, the Department of Pediatrics has been proud to choose the chief residents from among the larger pool of residents to stay an extra year to help lead the residency program. They will also now head the new alumni association by connecting alumni with current residents into a large Brown/Hasbro network. Here is a list of all the chief residents at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.


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Chief Residents 2018-2019

Jessica Daley, MD

Marie L. Carillo, MD


Program Director

Patricia Poitevien, MD

Associate Program Directors

Jeffrey Riese, MD

Robin Kremsdorf, MD

Diversity Officer

Sabina Holland, MD

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